plantpots by electrobloom & youI have been an avid fan of 3D printing for some time and it’s fantastic to see how far the process has come on recently, not only with regard to the technology involved but also how recognised the idea is becoming. People are beginning to say things like ‘oh I’ve heard of that’ when you mention 3D printing. It seems to be finally capturing the public’s imagination. Although there’s still a way to go before 3D printing becomes as ubiquitous as ink-jet printing, the big shows and trade fairs are helping this change making technology break through.

I recently attended TCT Live at the NEC In the UK, It’s the Additive Manufacturing fair for all things related to 3D printing and computer controlled manufacture. Lots of amazing pieces of technology on display along with a real ‘buzz’ from all those attending which made it an exciting place to be. Up next week is the 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and the theme is 3D printing at home. To get everyone talking about the event they’ve launched a competition asking ‘Suppose you had a 3D printer at home. Design the first consumer product you would like to 3D print and use.’ This got me thinking…

I have lots of plants in the home, and most of them live in those standard cheap brown plastic pots you see everywhere. How could 3D printing at home help? Well, I’ve come up with these plantpots which are customisable and made by you on your 3D printer at home. They are made from biodegradable PLA plastic which is available in lots of colours. Simply scale the 3D file to the diameter of the pot you need, choose a colour and print! It really is that easy and having a new home will make your plants so happy.

3D printing is blooming marvellous and coming to your home soon! So join in the fun and vote for plantpots here. Thank you.

Update: The voting is now over and plantpots did not win. But they are now available to all at Thingiverse 🙂