Any jeweller will tell you that the finishing of a piece of jewellery is just as important as the making. That final polish, patina or pumice is what brings the jewellery to life.

So I’ve been doing some experiments with the customisable jewellery collection to give the items a hand finished look. Polishing, dying, polishing again and over dying to really bring out the quality of the material and to give something that has been made by a robot the human touch.

More of my personal experiments to follow, all part of the bespoke service. Say hello if you’d like to know more.

Alternatively Shapeways have introduced new polished colours, this gives you even more options when creating your own customisable jewellery collection. Simply click here, pick an item and check out the new material options. Order before December 2nd, or the 6th if you’re in the USA or Europe, to ensure pre holiday delivery.

Happy Holidays!