I love 3D printing…

The ability to customise products according to what we like is going to be the next big thing because we are all different and like different things. 

Customisation has already taken hold in the world of 2D printing but when it comes to the customisation of products, 3D printing is the ultimate manufacturing partner.

Products can be sized before being made so they fit you perfectly, different colours can be combined and even different materials can be printed and then assembled by hand to create unique looks.

That was my intention when designing my customisable jewellery collection and these gift boxes are the perfect introduction. 

Each gift box is 3D printed in the closed position with the jewellery inside, WOW!  When you receive your gift box simply open it up and enjoy customising your own bangle and ring with the two flower charms included. You can even mix up the colours and charms from different boxes.

The full collection is available from i.materialise and this red set has love written all over it!

Order before the 25th January and your jewellery will be made for you and dispatched in time for Valentines day.

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