3D Printing for production. Case study one.


At electrobloom we’ve been using 3D printing technologies to manufacture our range of customisable jewellery for several years now. This experience has given us a valuable insight into understanding the potential of 3D Printing for volume manufacture of end use items.

We’re often approached by customers to design and manufacture their ideas and we will use 3D Printing when appropriate. This series of case studies highlights some of the projects we’ve worked on so far.

First up is Cosmima. Cosmima is a collective of five jewellers, all of whom have established careers and exhibit throughout the U.K. and abroad. They have shown annually in London as the group COSMIMA, since 2005 and recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. They wanted to give their customers and guests a memento as they celebrated with a group exhibition and opening party.

Their brief was to develop a small pin in a range of colours that could be given to their guests at the party. They wanted the pin to be based on a splash of milk and for it to include a message on the reverse side.

First we sourced the clutch pins so we could make the design fit. It’s important to source any components as early as possible so you know what you’re working with, it’s the first rule of product development!

BLUE SPLASH PINS GROUPWe quickly produced a design to get an impression of the final look so the customer could see work in progress and get involved. Using 3D modelling software, Blender, we are able to produce a presentation visual quickly which really helps the customer understand what the final piece is going to look like.


The same 3D model is then used to instruct the 3D Printer, in this case an EOS Formiga P110 additive manufacturing system, which was used to make the design. We used our favorite 3D Printing bureau, Digits2Widgets who are also based in london, (keeping the design and production local is important to us and our customers). Sizing the part to achieve an efficient build density was relatively straightforward and with some clever positioning and scaling we were able to hit our target price.

SPLASH COLOURS 03We made just over 320 splash pins, split across 9 different colours, total production time was just over a week which included the manufacture, post processing, dyeing, assembly and packing. The guests at the party loved them and had hours of fun arranging them in different colour combinations, wearing them with pride. And Cosmima were thrilled to see their memento to celebrate 10 years together made real using additive manufacturing technology and finished by hand.

If you have an idea for a gift or special item then contact us, hello at electrobloom dot com, we’re always happy to help you realise your ideas and make a memorable impression.