MAKE:SHIFT:DO 2017Making has long been associated with well-being and there’s never been a better time to power up and show your love in preparation for the festive season. Join me and learn to make an alternative to a traditional Danish woven heart Xmas decoration, updated for the internet gaming generation.

Bring your plastic milk bottle and we’ll transform it into a classic pixel inspired heart used to indicate your characters health status in all the classic computer games. You’ll also feel the benefit of this activity in the real world as you learn to craft and share the love.

I will also be talking about my latest experiments with recycling plastic and how I’m combining this with 3D printing. I create jewellery and objects that are playful, and I’m always encouraging everyone to think more about their relationship with objects, materials and the practice of making. Plus you get to take your finished heart(s) away and more importantly the skills to make more.

Saturday 28th Oct, 11am-5pm. 1 hour slots, click here to book.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Make:Shift:Do is a nationwide programme of craft and innovation workshops taking place on 27 and 28 October 2017