Expect the unexpected lowry
Expect the unexpected lowry

Conform 5,6 & 7 at the Lowry

Conform is a series of playful sculptures that were originally made to explore the potential of modeclix, a 3D printed textile I invented. The initial conform sculpture was shortlisted for the Aesthetica art prize in 2019 and then the Lowry invited me to be part of the ‘Expect the unexpected‘ exhibition where 3 more conform objects were unveiled.

Conform is a series of experimental objects where the fluidity and tactility of the material invites the observer’s participation and interaction. Made using a combination of advanced 3D printing techniques and traditional hand skills to construct a linked flexible form. The linking system and base structure make the object appear simple, but through physical interaction its form reveals complex and infinite variations. Drawing inspiration from textiles and engineering, these sculptural object change their form with each new interaction, encouraging play, observation and feedback. The material conforms in the hands of the user, but has qualities and characteristics all of its own, creating an endless dialogue of expression and interpretation.