Designing, Thinking & Making. 

At my studio in London’s iconic OXO Tower on the vibrant South Bank of the river Thames I spend my time designing, thinking and making. 

The Magic of Modular.

I have designed a jewellery collection using modular design principles. This means the jewellery can be customised to suit your preferences. Decorative charms can be continuously changed  by simply removing and re-attaching them, they can be transferred to bangles, necklaces and earrings creating endless possibilities. If you change your mind or want something new you can swap the charms to transform your piece into something else. This makes my jewellery very easy to recycle and reuse. I also make to order using a 3D Printer so there’s no over production and most of the items made are unique and one of a kind.

If anything should happen to the jewellery you buy from electrobloom I’m more than happy to replace it, that’s our special guarantee.

Modular systems allow all sorts of shapes to be created without the concern of what happens to the object when it comes to the end of it’s life, or you simply want something different. Modeclix, a 3D printed textile I invented, shows what is possible when you take modularity to the extreme. Clothing and other flexible fashion items can be made by connecting the coloured links together, if you change your mind or want to turn your dress into a bag, you can simply by unlinking the links and reconnecting them to make something else! 

Modular design can also help tackle our waste issue that is affecting us all. Rather than throwing things away, we simply turn them into something else. I constantly recycle and reuse my jewellery components and modeclix links to create new things. I also try to keep material types separate, one of the biggest recycling challenges is how to separate out the different materials. The stainless steel ear posts on earrings and Swarovski stones used are designed to click into place so they can come apart if needed.

I’m also exploring other forms of recycling, particularly how to transform single use plastics into something of value, some of my experiments can be found here. I’m also developing new techniques to make the recycled plastic modular!

Take a look at the modular jewellery collection in my online shop, or if you’re in the area pop into my studio to find out more, It would be lovely to meet you.