Re-cycle, Re-use and Re-purpose.

We’re all concerned with how the explosion of plastic waste is affecting the environment around the world. We need to change our habits, particularly with single use plastics, if we’re to make an impact on this growing problem. I decided to tackle this issue in my own way by thinking of plastic as a free material, rather than throwing it away or recycling it through a recycling centre I began experimenting with HDPE and PP, the plastic used for packaging milk, detergents and food. After many months of trial and error, experimenting and failing, I’ve started to have some success and I’m now transforming plastic into a material that resembles semi-precious stone, something of value, something that you’ll not want to throw away. I’m still experimenting and perfecting the technique, but check back soon as I’ll be launching a jewellery collection using this new material.

UPDATE I’m on a mission to do what I can to tackle the planets problem with plastic waste. These brooches were once a piece of domestic single use plastic, transformed into something I hope you’ll want to use again and again and again for years to come. Turning waste into want is a project that begins to address our problem with single use plastics by transforming it into jewellery that you’ll not want to throw away. Using simple techniques, I process HDPE, a common form of food, milk and detergent plastic packaging, into these unique brooches, and no two are ever the same. These brooches are only available directly from my Studio at the Oxo Tower in London, large brooches are £35.00 and the small ones are £25.00 and make a perfect feel good gift for you and your friends.