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electrobloom studio interior


electrobloom, established in 2011 by Mark Bloomfield,  is a design and manufacturing studio based in London’s iconic Oxo Tower. Mark uses a variety of traditional hand techniques in combination with advanced digital processes such as 3D Printing technology.

His successful modular jewellery collection continues grow. Capturing the imagination with it’s unique design that’s digitally manufactured to order. Imagine jewellery that can be easily customised to make one of a kind items to reflect your own individuality. If you’re looking for something different and unique, the jewellery collection is available to buy directly from our retail partners and Studio or via our on-line shop.

electrobloom also makes small, special products such as jewellery, gifts, costume props, promotional products and models for all occasions, for all kinds of people, from one offs to 1000’s of pieces. Mark collaborates with both big companies and individuals who are looking for something different, something that they simply can’t get anywhere else. Take a look at our portfolio to see examples of what we’re capable of and do get in touch if you’ve a project in mind that will challenge us!

Mark feels that our current mass consumption habits require rethinking and is trying to change our relationship with the products we buy. His modular designs begin to tackle the issue as all the jewellery can be reused, changed and updated, and it can be recycled to make new items of jewellery. As a commitment to ensuring his jewellery continues to be enjoyed, all the items in the collection comes with a special guarantee!

Mark is also concerned with the plastic crisis that’s consuming the world and has developed a way of recycling single use plastics into jewellery you’ll love and not want to throw away. See more of his experiments here and support him on his mission to make a small but meaningful dent into a consumption crises that is affecting us all, simply by changing the way you shop.

We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

Mark Bloomfield.