Wendy Ramshaw V&A Screen 01
Wendy Ramshaw V&A Screen CAD DRAWING
Wendy Ramshaw V&A Screen MODEL

Large scale works.

Being able to identify a moment in your life as the reason why you do something always returns a gratifying and rewarding sensation. As I was beginning to discover contemporary jewellery I remember being captivated by the work of Wendy Ramshaw as I flicked through the pages of The New Jewellery, trends & traditions by Peter Dormer and Ralph turner.

Years later I had the opportunity of working with Wendy, a dream come true, as she was developing a large scale two part screen for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The screen was made in 2 parts, each 3m square of mild steel was cut using a CNC water jet cutter. I worked with Wendy, translating her pencil sketches into a CAD drawing that would control the water jet cutter used in the fabrication of these 2 magnificent screens.